Vintage homes outnumber contemporary in Lincoln Park

Chicago streets are lined with contrasts. Neighborhoods offer an architectural smorgasbord of styles, and each style tells a story of the era in which it was built. Hundred-year-old courtyard buildings exist comfortably next to the striking lines of a contemporary single family home.

A six to one ratio
If you look specifically at Lincoln Park, you see this wonderful richness play out on every street. For every contemporary home for sale there are 6 that date back at least 100 years.

Forty-six percent longer
On average, it takes 46% longer to sell a contemporary home than one 100+ years old.

There are fewer contemporary homes available, but fewer buyers are looking for contemporary. This trend is shifting as interest in vintage homes seems to be declining. When home buyers are looking for character, often that message is “vintage.” Take these buyers into contemporary homes, however, and they find character of a different nature.

Here are three examples of contemporary homes on the market today in Lincoln Park:

1943 N Maud. This single-family row home was designed by the architectural firm of Krueck and Sexton. The lines and light of the home are distinctly contemporary. The cabinetry features clean lines with no interruption of hardware – push to pop the cabinets open. The Krueck and Sexton signature glass panels define separate areas without blocking light. The trees on the property can be seen through the windows, leaving the impression of a contemporary home in the woods. Offered at $1,295,000, the home will be open Sunday, February 12, from 11:30 to 1:30.

639 W Wrightwood. This development offers 5 simplex (single floor) condos ranging from the mid-$600’s to $775,000. Once inside you enter a world of calm with a unique layout. The interior is light (white with pale, pale greens and grays). The cabinetry is Italian laminate in bamboo grain. The extraordinary location was thoughtfully developed to maximize living square footage. And, this new development sits on a street filled with turn of the century vintage 3-flats and single-family homes.

425 W Eugenie. This single-family home, designed by Larry Booth, is an elegant presentation of lines and curves. Viewed from the exterior, the lines of the windows ladder from the ground to the sky. The interior is all straight lines punctuated by a curved stairway to the second level. The home is priced at $1,950,000.

Whether you are searching for a home with character or just exploring, you might find the character you are seeking in contemporary real estate.

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