Want to join a real estate slime wave?

If you’re not very bright, have no self respect, and don’t mind committing the occasional crime, Schwab Property Solutions has a job for you.

You can start out by acquiring multiple gmail accounts and get paid $1 per live ad for spamming Craigslist with repetitive ads. If your ad leads to the sale of a property you’ll be paid $100. You’d need a broker’s license to work on a pay-per-lead basis, but there’s no indication that Schwab requires you to have one – or any evidence that Schwab has one.

If a buck an ad doesn’t pay your bills you can become a “BANDIT SIGN POSTER” and illegally litter the public way for $10 an hour plus a gas allowance and $250 per successful lead. Again, Schwab doesn’t require you to have the requisite broker’s license to accept payment-per-lead, and gives you no warning that you can be fined or arrested for planting commercial signs on public property.

From those menial tasks you can advance to positions where you’re almost certainly acting as a real estate broker and committing misdemeanor violations of the Illinois Real Estate License Act if you aren’t properly licensed.

According to Schwab’s LinkedIn profile, Schwab Property Solutions “is the premier real estate investment company in Chicago specializing in reverse wholesaling nationwide. The mission statement for our company is to bring order to the chaos of the real estate industry with systems and checks/balances in place.”

Schwab self-describes as a “serial entrepreneur.” His longest-running enterprise, RaveWaves Inc was recently involuntarily dissolved. Schwab recently lost the address he’s listed at in the RaveWaves corporate record in a foreclosure. The McHenry County Recorder’s office lists apparently unsatisfied state and federal tax liens against him. That doesn’t seem like a great position from which “to bring order to the chaos of the real estate industry.”

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