WBEZ looks at Auburn Gresham’s identity

Kudos to Bill Healy and WBEZ for taking an extended look at Auburn Gresham, and introducing some of the people who contribute to the character of the neighborhood:

It’s not completely a tale of poverty and dysfunction, and it’s not completely a tale of success and excellence. And perhaps one of the reasons the neighborhood has never been one that has a name that’s very distinctive in the minds of other Chicagoans is because you can’t really put your finger on one particular type of person or people that describes the neighborhood.

Communities have character, and it’s important to give those communities an identity.

Communities also have characters, and you’ll meet some fascinating and inspiring ones in these videos:

DJ Farley, “Jackmaster” Funk

Kimberley Rudd, Curves

Terrence Chappell

Check back in at WBEZ’s Vimeo channel later in the week for more from Auburn Gresham.

You can see more of Auburn Gresham and its people in these YoChicago videos:

You’ll hear Carlos Nelson’s voice at the beginning of the above video, and learn about his passion for Auburn Gresham in the following one:

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