We love lists: (Down)townhouses

Union Row, 1600 S Union Ave, Chicago

They go by many names: townhomes, rowhomes, attached single-families. I prefer the catch-all “townhouses” for this type of multi-story home, the kind of units that is more than a duplex condo but still shares a structure and a lot with other homes.

In the Loop / downtown area (a region we define as the area bounded by Lake Michigan, Western Avenue, the Stevenson Expressway and North Avenue), we’ve come across six developments where townhouses are for sale. Not surprisingly, the $1 million-plus homes are in two of downtown’s highest-profile areas: the wealthy Gold Coast neighborhood, and the Lakeshore East mega-development on the New East Side.

According to Yo posts and our NewHomeNotebook.com database, the least expensive homes are on the western fringes of downtown, where a couple of 2200 Madison‘s 18 townhouses are still for available for below $400,000. Homes everywhere else appear to start around the mid-$400s and work their way up. Not counting the aforementioned Gold Coast homes, the only four-bedroom townhouses available in the area are those at Belgravia Group‘s Union Row (pictured above), where prices top out in the $700s.

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East Pilsen:

Gold Coast:

Near West Side:

New East Side:

Old Town

University Village:

Keep an eye out for another list compiling all of the townhouse projects on the North, Far North, Northwest, West, Southwest and South sides.

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