We love lists: Living in the James G. Blaine School District

Blaine School District boundaries, Lake View, Chicago

The James G. Blaine School, located at 1420 W Grace St in Lake View, is one of the city’s most acclaimed primary schools, so it’s no wonder that real-estate agents try to drop its name into their listings every chance they get. @properties agent David Wolf told me this summer that houses within a few blocks of the school tend to command higher prices per square foot than similar homes to the east or south, due in large part to the school’s popularity and the nearby Southport corridor. (Wrigley Field abuts the district’s eastern border, too.)

Due to the zigs and zags of Blaine’s boundaries (seen above), it can be hard to tell which blocks are actually in the district. For that reason, I’ve put together a list of all the new and rehabbed developments that we know about that are within the district borders. The condos range from rehabbed one-bedrooms priced in the $270s to new-construction three-bedrooms priced in the $640s

View our list of new condos in the Blaine School District.

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