We love lists: New homes in Bucktown

Intersection of North, Damen and Milwaukee avenues Contestants in the Chiditarod

Few neighborhoods have boomed to the degree that Bucktown has in the past few decades, both in terms of price appreciation and condo development. Because we’re so fond of lists around here (you could even go as far as saying that we love them), I decided to compile a NewHomeNotebook.com list that includes all new condo and townhouse developments in Bucktown that currently have available homes.

It’s no surprise that the Bucktown list is just about the same length as our recent list of Wicker Park homes, but it differs in the type of homes that are available. Whereas the Wicker Park list only includes condos, Bucktown has a couple of new townhouse developments in Wabansia Row II and Homer Row, and there are also a few loft conversions in Bucktown, with the Baer Lofts and 2105 West Concord. One loft conversion – PAC Lofts – was taken off the list, because that development recently sold out.

To clear up any confusion, the photo at right shows contestants in the Chiditarod shopping cart race. Both photos were taken by our esteemed Staff Photographer, Michael Kardas.

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