We love lists: One more time with the townhouses

Lake Park Crescent, North Kenwood-Oakland, Chicago

In the final installment of my three-part list of Chicago’s townhouse projects, I turn to the West, Southwest, and South sides of the city. There, most of the townhouses you’ll find are part of large, mixed-income community projects that combine public housing with market-rate homes, although a few developments appear to be more of the smaller-scale infill variety.

Buyers who don’t mind a long drive from downtown can find two-bedroom townhouses for as low as the $200s in Washington Heights or three-bedrooms starting in the $260s in West Elsdon. The most expensive homes on the South Side are found at Lake Park Crescent in North Kenwood-Oakland (above), where four-bedrooms start in the $690s, and in Bridgeport, where the biggest three-bedroom remaining at 33rd Street Square is priced in the $670s.

Unlike a lot of the homes on my prior townhouse lists, these developments have their share of question marks. A lot of these projects are stuck in their first phases, and although they have space to expand, they aren’t exactly booming with activity. Others are still in the marketing phase could have a hard time seeing the light of day.

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Calumet Heights:

East Beverly:

The Gap:



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West Elsdon:

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