We love lists: Our updated list of true lofts

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Some time ago, developers must have learned that they could stir up a little more interest in their homes by calling them “lofts,” even if those homes were nothing more than new condos with some exposed ductwork and high ceilings. After all, nothing in EcoLogic Lofts‘ name suggests that it’s a new-construction mid-rise. Likewise, anyone who wasn’t familiar with the buildings right around Union Station would have a hard time realizing that there was a true loft component at 565 Quincy.

For that reason, we’re sharing a couple of new lists on NewHomeNotebook.com. One is a list of all of the active timber and concrete loft projects we’ve found. The other, which we’re still putting together, is a list of new-construction “soft lofts.” (We’ll link to that one in a follow-up post a little later.) Check them out and let us know what’s missing. Better yet, log in at NewHomeNotebook and put together your own list of favorite developments.

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