We love lists: Perfect places for pool parties

Michigan Avenue Tower II pool

A few well-paced laps can be a great way to start off a day or finish off an evening. Most towers we visit have fitness centers (even if they’re just closet-sized rooms with a couple of hand-me-down treadmills or exercise bikes), but not every project has its own swimming pool. For that reason, I’ve put together a new list on NewHomeNotebook.com compiling all the developments we know of that will have pools on their outdoor terraces (like Michigan Avenue Tower II, seen in the rendering above) or in their indoor amenities levels.

As always, the list is a work-in-progress, so if you take a look at it and notice that something’s missing, dive into the comments section below and tell us what we’re missing.

Read our list of projects with pools at NewHomeNotebook.com.

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