We love lists: South Side lofts

McKinley Park Lofts

In this second half of my list of Chicago loft developments I look at everything south of Madison Street that has available units and is listed on NewHomeNotebook.com.

I don’t normally think of the West Loop as part of the South Side, but a good portion of it, including Odyssey Lofts and VB1224, is located south of Madison. The South Loop is home to three of the more recent arrivals to the marketplace in Motor Row Lofts, Prairie District Lofts and Chess Lofts. Between the three of them, they have about 125 available units.

Of the nine lofts developments listed here, Opera Lofts has the broadest price range, and it also has some of the most expensive units, which are priced as high as the low $900s. At the other end of the spectrum, the lowest priced units found in any of these developments are the one-bedrooms listed in the $170s at McKinley Park Lofts.
Prairie District Lofts Opera Lofts


McKinley Park:

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