We love lists: Surviving without a sundeck

The open-air sundeck or terrace has become such a common amenity at Chicago’s new high-rises that it’s actually easier to put together a list of the few towers that lack them. The trade-off is that most of these buildings do have units with private balconies. Only one — the proposed Chicago Spire — doesn’t offer any type of outdoor spaces.

If you’re the kind of buyer who likes to soak up the sun (or if you have something against rooftop decks or grilling terraces), you might want to take a look at our list before heading out to an open house.

As always, this list is a work in progress. We’re still trying to double-check our new high-rise guide with a few outliers, which means there may be a few late additions here. But it’s a good start…

View our list of new high-rises without common sundecks

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