Welcome to a new YoChicago

Our new format, we hope, makes it easier for you to access YoChicago’s wealth of videos, photos and articles about Chicago homes, apartments and neighborhoods, and the buying and renting process.

Our new video search returns video from all of our YouTube channels, and will soon allow you to find the best Chicago video from other YouTube users without the hassle of irrelevant or low-quality results.

We’ve introduced a new category of Guides to help you shop more quickly and intelligently for your next home, apartment or community. The right column surfaces the most recent Guides, and a quick search through all of them.

Our Chicago real estate news page has been expanded to present items from sources that cover close-in suburbs. YoChicago will also be offering more frequent suburban coverage.

The new YoChicago platform is a major technical transition, so bear with us as we work through any inevitable glitches or performance issues.

As always, we appreciate and listen to your feedback.

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