West Loop vs. South Loop – get in on Yo's Developer Smackdown

South Loop West Loop

You can only truly assess a neighborhood in relief against other neighborhoods, and the most immediate and natural comparison point for the West Loop is the South Loop – and vice versa. We hope to help homebuyers shopping these neighborhoods – and edify our readers on the comparative merits of the West Loop and South Loop next week with our first Developer Smackdown – West Loop vs. South Loop.

In the West Loop corner, wearing red and white trunks (or, more likely, casual business attire), is David Chase, president and CEO of The Thrush Companies, developer of the current 740 Fulton condo tower and a wide variety of completed developments, including the West Loop’s Block X and Block Y projects.

In the South Loop corner, weighing in at – well, let’s not worry about weight, this ain’t a park district fight – is Keith Giles, co-founder and owner of Frankel & Giles and a principal in Kargil Development. Giles is currently marketing X/O Condominiums, two high-rises in the South Loop, where he has developed and sold a wide variety of projects since his 1994 Filmworks Lofts.

Before we ring the bell and send the builders out swinging, we’d like your input. What should we be asking these guys about their respective neighborhoods? What would you like to hear from either builder about the new-homes market in his community – about value, appreciation, location. Or about general livability – dining, shopping, parks, politics and schools?

Click on “Comments” below and fire off the questions inquiring minds want to know. We’ll collect the best of the bunch and ask them of Giles and Chase when we video the smackdown next Thursday.

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