What happened to Rent Proactive?

Two months ago, shortly after taking a a closer look at Rent Proactive, we named it the first member of our Dirtiest Dozen rental services. At that time the company was placing more than 2,000 ads a week on Craigslist, and it had a history of egregious behavior.

A search of Craigslist apartment ads for Rent Proactive now returns no results. Ditto for a search on the company’s phone number, which had been included in all of the firm’s Craigslist ads.

The only team member listed on Rent Proactive’s Meet Our Team page (screen cap above) is Ryan Grober, who is only licensed as a Leasing Agent. No Managing Broker is listed for the firm.

Raju Patel, who had been the President of Proactiv Properties Inc d/b/a Rent Proactive, is also the President of Core Luxury Real Estate Inc, which was recently licensed as a Real Estate Broker Corporation. Patel has reportedly used Roger Pate as an alias in the past.

Did the stench that surrounded Rent Proactive result in its simply resurfacing under a new name? Stay tuned as we try to learn more. In the interim, we’ve added Core Luxury Real Estate to our rental service do-not-call list.

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