What happened to Wicker Park?

The Talk section of Yelp occasionally surfaces a fun and informative discussion of Chicago neighborhoods. Several days ago Yelper Chacha M posted the headline question and the following:

I just moved back after living abroad for the last ten years and this neighborhood has gone to yuppie / lulu lemon hell. I could barely walk down the street because it was flooded with fancy strollers and frat brothers. What happened to Boderline [sic], The Note, Lava Lounge? When did Slicks close…Where to go for good music? RedLox, Papa G, Shon Dervis, Larry Miller, who can help???

Logan Square has also changed. I guess that is a good thing considering it used to be a gang infested rat hole.

Read the responses at Yelp.

You can see 100s of YoChicago photos of Wicker Park, and a slideshow version, at Flickr. Many of the photos are from March of 2002.

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