What is it with architecture critics and Pappageorge Haymes?

Chicago, Lake Point Tower shadow

Blair Kamin doesn’t seem to have it in him to accord Pappageorge Haymes any unqualified praise, even for the firm’s best work. Read enough of Blair Kamin and you sense something compulsively irrational about his take on the firm. His current piece strives mightily to shift credit for Pappageorge Haymes’ latest achievements to the city’s planning department.

And Lynn Becker? Becker is, at least, more terse and straightforward in his fury.

Kamin and Becker both mention the shadow that 600 North Lake Shore Drive will cast over Ohio Street beach, Kamin in passing, Becker as reason enough for his passion.

600 LSD will cast its shadow late in the day, when the beach is little used. I shot the above photo, illustrating the shadow from Lake Ponit Tower, late one morning, a time when the beach is likely to have far more usage.

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