What’s your beef?

Halloween’s long gone, but the horror stories keep on coming. In the past day buyers have complained under our YouTube videos and in NewHomeNotebook posts about their new homes. I can’t vouch for either commenter, but that won’t stop me from spreading their gossip anyway.

“Mark Hopkins,” in a post at NewHomeNotebook titled “6 North Michigan Ave, Chicago – NIGHTMARE,” writes:

I recently purchased in this building. The first three months have been nothing but a headache. Most importantly, the air conditioning system simply does not work. It is a four pipe system, which means that each tenant controls heating and cooling and should be able to have either at any time. So far this is untrue although the property owner “is working to fix it”. Also when using the AC, there is a very noisy whistling noise that is so loud it will wake you from a dead sleep. Again, management is working on it.

Other issues? My high end refrigerator stopped making ice two weeks ago. The repair man came out yesterday and fixed it. I still have no ice cubes. Another issue? Standing water in my modern, high end kitchen sink. That too was fixed yesterday, but it looks exactly the same to me after the “repair”.

My advice? STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS BUILDING!!!!!!!!!! In my opinion it represents exactly what is wrong with today’s worker and builder; no integrity. This is of course my opinion only. If you’d like to hear more of communicate further on this topic, I can be available.

This “new” building has law suit and/or special assessment written all over it.

At least 11 condos have sold at Six North Michigan in the past six months, at prices ranging from $277,000 to more than $1.5 million. Twenty-five one- to three-bedroom units, all listed by the building’s exclusive brokerage, @properties, are on the market from the $280s to $2.14 million.

YouTube user “zehgilly” found every one of our videos with Northfield Group principal Gary Levitas, filmed for the Spring 2010 Festival of Homes, and wrote:

Don’t trust anything built by Gary Levitas, ask him how his Armitedge units are doing in Logan Square. We’ve had numerous quality issues with the construction. New owners are having to tear down their own walls due to water damage. Gary will cut every corner he can, good luck getting him to stand by his work too – once you find all the issues buried under the fluff.

ArmitEdge, 3021 W Armitage Ave, reached closeout in June 2009, when unit #403 sold for $309,000. Nothing in the building is listed for sale or for rent through the MLS or Craigslist.

An EveryBlock search of the address doesn’t surface any building permits that might indicate repairs taking place, and a search of the Cook County Chancery Court dockets finds no suits against Levitas or the Northfield Group. There are records of a new suit filed by Neighborhood Lending Services against ArmitEdge’s condo association, however.

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