When Bob’s cat catapulted from Marina City

In Steve McQueen’s The Hunter there’s a famous scene where a car hurtles off Marina City’s parking ramp into the Chicago River. Dennis Rodkin’s video tour, above, of three units combined into one at Marina City, includes a clip from the film.

Allstate restaged the car-into-the-river scene for a 2006 commercial.

When I see either scene I think of a feline’s flight from a higher floor of Marina City.

When I practiced law in the mid- to late-70s a number of the attorneys in my firm rented at Marina City, just across State Street from our offices in the IBM Building. Marina City was an apartment complex at the time.

At lunch one day Bob, one of the attorneys who lived at Marina City, told of his cat’s demise the previous day. The cat lunged at a pigeon perched on his balcony railing and plunged more than 40 stories to the concrete below. No one observed whether there was a dead cat bounce, but it seems unlikely.

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