When Chicago rental services go into thug mode

Dishonest and illegal practices are a daily routine for many of the agents at Chicago’s rental services.

We’ve spotlighted some of the things rental services don’t want you to know, and we’ve identified the ten worst rental service ad spammers at Craigslist.

Rental service agents are aggressive under normal circumstances, but they go into hyper-drive against apartment buildings that won’t cooperate with them and pay them a commission, or offer less than a full month’s rent as commission.

One common form of thuggish behavior that I’ve heard repeatedly over the years from apartment buildings is a flag attack on a building’s ads at Craigslist. In addition to spamming you with 100s of illegal ads, the rental services deliberately set out to suppress legitimate ads.

Do you really want to encourage this behavior by using a rental service when it’s trivially easy to find an apartment in the lakefront neighborhoods on our at-a-glance lists?

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