Where to shop for wine in Evanston

This post doesn’t signal an expansion of YoChicago’s coverage. It’s simply shameless plugs for a family friend and a new venture from our company. Family first.

I first met Sandeep Ghaey, the owner of Vinic Wine Company, when he was in fourth grade. Sandeep’s sister and my daughter have been close friends for 20 years, since second grade – so I come to Vinic with a strong bias in its favor. If you’re among the group that considers wine merchants on a par with rug dealers and used-car peddlers, set your concerns aside and visit Vinic, at 1509 Chicago Ave in Evanston. Sandeep focuses on finding wines that over-deliver, whether the price is $6.99 (IrishPirate take note) or $699.

You’ll find an informative overview of Vinic Wine in an article at EvanstonNow.

ShopTheNorthShore.com, launched just two days ago, is our parent company‘s latest venture. Shop the North Shore will feature video visits to local retailers, service providers, homes and apartments. You’ll see the faces and walk the spaces and places that make Chicago’s North Shore a fun destination.

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