Which Chicago neighborhoods have the most foreclosures?

The Woodstock Institute recently released its report on foreclosure filings for the second half of 2012. Read the news release for a summary and analysis of the findings.

The report details the number of foreclosure filings and sheriff’s auctions for each of Chicago’s 77 Community Areas, for each Chicago Ward, and for the 100 most populous suburbs for the second half of 2012, for the full year and for 2011.

One new statistic, which we hadn’t seen in previous Woodstock reports, is the cumulative number and percentage of properties that have gone to foreclosure auction in each Community Area during the past 5 years.

One stunner: almost 30% of Washington Park‘s building stock of 1,361 properties was foreclosed during the past 5 years. The 1950 Census reported Washington Park’s population as just shy of 50,000. The 2010 population was 11,717.

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