Who’s a paid-to-be-who in Chicagoland real estate

Here’s the lead-in to Chicago Agent Magazine’s Who’s Who in Chicagoland Real Estate 2013 feature:

The following people not only have exemplary leadership abilities, admirable work ethics and solid work experience in common — they also all are proud that every day, they help people to achieve the “American dream.”

There’s no mention in the article that the people featured in it have something else in common: they paid to be included in it.

There’s no question that some of the people in the feature would merit inclusion in any objective “who’s who” list – and quite a few who wouldn’t.

At YoChicago we believe that sponsored, i.e. paid, content has value to consumers. Our policy, in compliance with Federal Trade Commission guidelines, is to tag paid content as a “sponsored post” so that consumers can evaluate it accordingly.

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