Why a sophisticated developer bought at Superior 110

It’s hard to imagine a more sophisticated home buyer — and architecture critic — than Lewis Kostiner.

Over a 20-year span Kostiner and his wife Annie developed dozens of real estate projects, including a raft of loft buildings in Chicago’s West Loop. They were a major force in the emergence of the West Loop as a viable residential neighborhood, and among a small coterie of developers who took maximum advantage of the loft aesthetic.

Prior to becoming a real estate developer Kostiner was a talented professional photographer and photography instructor. His work has been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Library of Congress Gallery in DC, the Center for Architecture in Montreal, and many other venues.

In my dealings with Lewis he had a perfectionist’s approach to everything he did. So, when he bought a full floor at 110 Superior and spoke highly of the developer I thought it would be useful for home buyers to hear his perspective.

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