Why Karen and Jim bought a second home at 235 Van Buren

After nearly three decades in the suburbs, Karen and Jim wanted an urban experience and a place to stay after late nights at a downtown dinner.

They looked at dozens of places online, and visited ten before narrowing their choices to a River North condo and one at 235 Van Buren, at the edge of the Loop. They liked the vibrancy of River North but saw 235 Van Buren as a quieter location with great access to the sports venues they visited frequently.

Karen and Jim spend most weekends at their second home in the city. They’re looking forward to becoming empty nesters, selling their suburban home, and splitting their time between 235 Van Buren and New Mexico or Arizona.

Join Karen and Jim for a look at their 45th floor home at 235 Van Buren, and hear their take on the building and the neighborhood.

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