Will R. Kelly’s old pad be No. 1 in Lake View?

R. Kelly’s old den of sin at 1010 W George St (you know, the place where the dirty stuff went down) is under contract and set to close over the freakin’ weekend, says Curbed. (Thanks to Curbed’s Mark Boyer for finding this new video tour of the home from LXTV.)

The home’s most recent list price was $3.5 million. The actual closing price may end up being lower than that, but the home almost certainly will be the biggest closing in Lake View since last March, when a single-family home at 546 W Hawthorne Pl sold for $4.07 million.

Likewise, it has a good chance of being the Number One sale in Lake View for all of 2011, as there’s only one listing that’s more expensive, and it’s for a home that doesn’t even exist yet. Two more homes are available in the $3-to-$3.5 million range: the 7,300 square-foot home at 3804 N Janssen Ave, listed at $3.39 million, and the 5,000 square-foot home at 579 W Hawthorne Pl, priced at $3.25 million.

The 8,000 square-foot home has five bedrooms, 6.5 baths, and surely more than enough closets in which to get trapped. R. Kelly sold the home nine years ago for $2.25 million; it sold in 2006 for $3 million, went into foreclosure, and in 2008 sold for just $1 million.

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