Wilmette resident cries fowl over chicken ban

Wagner Farm, Glenview, Illinois

If a chicken-friendly environment is a checklist item for your move to the North Shore you may have to rule out the Village of Wilmette. According to Trib Local, Wilmette recently amended its municipal code to make it illegal to raise chickens. Winnetka, however, remains chicken-friendly.

Diane Schaffner, a Wilmette resident and organic gardener, is asking village trustees to reconsider their decision:

From a nutritional perspective, Schaffner argues that eggs from a local hen are better than those from the supermarket.

“The most obvious benefit is having your own very fresh eggs,” she said. “You’re controlling what the chickens eat, how they live. Each different breed produces a different kind of egg.”

If the local ordinance is changed, Schaffner said she’d be eager to acquire two or three hens.
“My yard is pretty small, but I would have a minimum of two,” Schaffner said. “It’s not recommended that you only have one. Chickens are very social and would benefit from the company.”

Coyote, Wilmette IL

Wilmette’s coyotes are typically anti-social, but they might make an exception for chickens.

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