Wilmette’s pain may be your gain

Whether there’s a need for more affordable housing has been the hot topic in Winnetka recently while neighboring Wilmette ponders what to do with a temporary oversupply of affordable housing.

Until recently you had to be a Wilmette resident to purchase one of the age-restricted (62+) condo units at the unique Village Green Atrium, 800 Ridge Rd in Wilmette.

The Village Green Atrium is across the street from the small, low-key Wilmette Bowling Center, a half-block from the Ridgeview Grill (above video), a block from a Treasure Island grocery, and has good access to public transportation.

Two-one bedroom and three two-bedroom units are currently for sale, bargain-priced from $107,072 to $140,142.55 (not a typo). Parking is included in the price.

Wilmette has become concerned about the carrying costs of the vacant units. Everyone on the priority waiting list has taken a pass on the units and they’re now open for sale to anyone over the age of 62.

See more of the story at story at Trib Local.

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