Would you live with 90s décor at the right price?

Listening to Chicago Magazine’s Dennis Rodkin walk through a 2-flat at 1119 W Schubert, you might conclude that buying it as-is and living with 1990s-vintage décor would be akin to living in North Korea. Rodkin notes the home shape’s similarity to a milk carton, and suggests that some of its contents have expired. He shudders when mentioning that the master bath has “glass block walls.”

The home has a lot of pluses, including a solid Lincoln Park location, a yard, a 2-car garage, and a 1,200 square foot garden-level 2-bedroom income unit. The asking price was $777,000, and the home is currently under contract.

You can read more about the home in Rodkin’s Deal Estate column.

Are there any 90s fans out there, anyone willing to live in the 90s at the right price – or is a home with this décor and floor plan to be deemed completely unlivable? On a side note, would you pay a premium to live just a few steps from Pat’s Pizza?

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