YoChicago – the tip of an iceberg

There’s a lot more to YoChicago than you’ll see on the surface, and a lot more audience activity than you might suspect. When it comes to Chicago-area real estate, YoChicago’s simply the tip of an ever-expanding information iceberg.

According to our server logs, YoChicago attracted 277,864 unique visitors in 2009 and NewHomeNotebook.com reached 230,519. NewHomeNotebook.net, which only launched in earnest in May of 2009, drew more than 22,000 unique visitors by year-end according to Google Analytics. Thousands of visitors every month read news releases at our HousingNewsWire site, co-sponsored by the Chicago Tribune.

We have nearly 1,500 videos live on various YouTube channels and they’ve been viewed nearly 1,000,000 times. Our primary YouTube channel – YoChicago – logged more than 350,000 views in 2009 from an audience that YouTube tells us was 31% female, 69% male and evenly divided between viewers under 45 and 45 and older.

We have well over 10,000 photos of Chicago neighborhoods in our primary Flickr account and they’ve been viewed well over 1 million times.

We’ve created scores of maps on Google Maps, ranging from an interactive map of Winnetka (viewed nearly 22,000 times), to a map of new high-rise condos in Chicago (viewed nearly 11,000 times). We contribute real estate articles at Google Knol, where we’ve received Top Viewed and Top Pick Author awards.

We maintain an active presence through various accounts and pages at social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and at popular real estate sites (e.g., Trulia, Zillow, SkyscraperCity, SkyscraperPage). You’ll also find us chiming in on the conversation at Crain’s, the Tribune, the Sun-Times, TribLocal – and many other spots. Our popular Chicago Real Estate News feature links to the most informative articles from 100s of local, regional and national news sources and blogs.

Where’s Yo? Wherever Chicagoland home buyers go for information and news.

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