YoChicago launches condominium review series

Late last year we began a series of apartment reviews and they’ve proven popular, contributing to a more than 70% year-over-year increase in our traffic in July. We’re waiting on the stats from our server logs, but YouTube Analytics indicates that we reached more than 90,000 unique visitors last month.

Condo buyers need access to a lot more information than renters do, and that information isn’t always easy to come by. Worse yet, critical details are often misstated by brokers, generally out of laziness but all too often as a result of dishonesty.

We’re going to try to remedy the information deficit with our reviews, and we’re asking your help and the help of condo boards and knowledgeable real estate brokers in doing so.

In the meantime, we’ll post what we do know and dip into our huge archive of original photography and video to help illustrate it. We’ll place the buildings in context with our aerial photography and rooftop shots from neighboring buildings, show you the condo’s common area amenities, the views from select units, floor plans and more. We’ll show you what’s available in the immediate neighborhood, anticipate some of your questions, and answer them. As usual, you’ll be able to click on one of our images and view it full screen and larger.

Our first condominium review is of 55 East Erie, a 56-story high-rise in River North. Chime in with any criticism or suggestions for improvement.

We’ll be reaching out to brokers to sponsor the reviews and video tours of the buildings they know well. Contact yojoe at yochicago dot com if you’re interested.

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