YoChicago traffic up sharply in 2012

According to Google Analytics, the number of unique visitors to YoChicago during 2012 was up 24.7% over 2011, and 86.8% over 2010. We reached more than 400,000 unique visitors last year, two-thirds of whom visited for the first time.

YoChicago’s most popular features, after its home page, were (in order) our Guides, Neighborhood pages, Apartment lists and Chicago real estate news page. We scan 100s of local, regional and national news sources at least daily to select the items that appear on our Chicago Real Estate News page.

Mobile devices accounted for 17.6% of YoChicago’s visits. The Apple iPad and iPhone were by far the most commonly used device, accounting for 77.2% of all mobile device visits between them. Mobile visits more than doubled year-over-year, and Apple’s share of those visits nearly tripled year-over-year.

For the first time, Safari edged out Microsoft’s Internet Explorer as the browser most commonly used to access YoChicago. Firefox slipped from 2nd place to 4th while Chrome moved up one notch to 3rd place.

Videos at our primary YouTube channel were viewed more than 785,000 times during 2012 – a 21% year-over-year increase, and a 56.8% increase over 2010.

You’ll also find YoChicago on Facebook, on Twitter, and at Flickr.

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