YoChicago’s September numbers

YoChicago reached 38,942 unique visitors during the month of September, according to our server logs. That was a decline of 3.7% from August’s traffic of 40,396 unique visitors, but most of that decline is accounted for by September’s shorter calendar. Our September 2011 traffic was up 52% over the previous year.

According to Google Insights for Search, searches for common keyword combinations, e.g. “Chicago apartments,” declined by 14% to 31% from August to September, reflecting the seasonality of the real estate market. Search traffic is a good proxy for the general level of homebuyer and renter interest.

Sixty-three percent of YoChicago’s visitors came here for the first time in September. More than 56% of our traffic originated from organic search, 89% of that from Google. Only about 18% of our visitors come directly to the site. Less than a third of our visitors use Internet Explorer.

During the 12 months ending September 30, YoChicago attracted just over 350,000 unique visitors.

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