YoChicago’s website and YouTube traffic

After peaking at just over 50,000 unique monthly visitors in April of this year, the number of visitors to YoChicago dipped 8.2% to just over 46,000 in June. The number of unique visitors in June of this year was 27.5% greater than in June of 2011, and 86.8% greater than in June of 2010.

The videos at our primary YouTube channel were viewed 407,308 times in the first six months of this year, a 21% increase over the 334,554 views during the first six months of last year.

Viewers outside the US accounted for 23% of our video views during the first six months of this year. Illinois accounted for 53.4% of our US views during that period, followed by California, New York, Texas, Florida and Michigan.

Searching for neighborhood and real estate video at YouTube can be frustrating due to the many thousands of unwatched junk slide shows with annoying music uploaded on behalf of real estate agents. You can quickly search YoChicago’s thousands of videos at our video page.

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