YoChicago’s YouTube channel passes the two million view mark

Videos at YoChicago’s primary YouTube channel have been viewed more than two million times.

To put that number in some perspective, YoChicago videos – all of them local – have been viewed more times than videos at Coldwell Banker’s heavily-promoted national YouTube channel, which had 1,904,699 views as of a few minutes ago. YouTube reports that Chicago Magazine’s channel has had 325,428 views for its mostly real estate videos.

YoChicago was an early adopter of real estate video, having launched our YouTube channel more than 5 years ago. We continue to believe that video is the best way to visit homes and neighborhoods, and we regularly showcase local video from a variety of sources.

Our video page is the easiest way to find YoChicago’s videos of Chicagoland’s faces, spaces and places.

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