Yo's holiday gift guide: give the gift of Gehry

Sketches of Frank Gehry

Need a gift for your favorite architecture / film buff? Yo recommends a DVD copy of the documentary Sketches of Frank Gehry, an intimate look at the most captivating architect in the world (yeah, I said it) by veteran director and Gehry friend Sydney Pollack. The film made the rounds at this year’s international film festivals, including Cannes, and enjoyed a run at the Music Box Theatre. It includes interviews with Gehry’s associates, friends, critics, clients and contemporaries, including actor Dennis Hopper, Disney’s Michael Eisner and former New York Times architecture critic Herbert Muschamp. Gehry himself discusses his image as an architectural iconoclast and his insight into the intersection of art, architecture, technology and commerce. Of course, there are plenty of graceful shots of Gehry’s stunning work from around the world. Most interestingly, we get to glimpse the man noodling around with models in his workshop. In one scene, he takes a sheet of tin and cuts a funny shape, attaches it at random to a bunch of other funny shapes, and says, “This is so stupid-looking, it’s great!” If only it were that easy…

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