YouTube substantially expands YoChicago’s audience reach

According to our server logs, YoChicago reached 37,200 unique visitors in October, and 352,679 unique visitors in the year ending October 31.

Our direct audience is only a part of our reach: we have a presence on Flickr, Facebook, Twitter and other websites.

Our largest audience outside of YoChicago is accounted for by the nearly 2,000 videos at our primary YouTube channel.

YoChicago’s YouTube videos were viewed 630,717 times during the year ending today. The United States accounted for 487,193, or 77.24% of those views. Views from Europe totaled 70,654, from 20,593 and Asia 20,395.

In the United States Illinois, not surprisingly, accounted for 257,587 views, or 52.87% of our US total. California (28,455), New York (20,613), Texas (17,202) and Florida (15,927) were the next most popular US venues for watching YoChicago videos.

Thirty-day view counts ranged between 42,000 and 65,000 during the year, and thirty-day unique visitor counts ranged from 20,000 to 35,000.

Where do people watch our videos? Nearly three-quarters of our video views occur at YouTube – 70.7% of them on a video watch page and 3.1% on our YouTube channel page. Videos embedded at YoChicago and other websites generated 14.3% of our views and 11.9% of views occurred on phones and mobile devices. The mobile viewership has been increasing rapidly throughout the year and is greater in the US than in other parts of the world.

How do people find our videos? YouTube itself is the source of more than 60% of our views. Related video links on videos at YouTube generate 29.6% of our views. YouTube search accounts for 15.6% and Featured video positions at YouTube another 5.6%. Nearly 13% comes from YouTube subscriptions, annotations, our channel page and miscellaneous YouTube pages.

Our YouTube audience skews male (68%) and age 45+ (56%).

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