1345 Wabash buyer snapshot: Meet Craig and Jennifer

Jennifer and Craig currently reside in a rental residence in the South Loop. They recently purchased a new condominium at 1345 Wabash, and were kind enough to share with us some of the reasoning surrounding their purchase.

What did you choose to purchase at 1345 Wabash?
We love that 1345 Wabash is a no-amenities building. For us, paying a premium for amenities that we never use is no different than throwing money away on rent. The location is perfect and we like that it is new construction, giving us peace of mind that maintenance and repairs will be at a minimum. We also appreciate living in a building that is LEED certified, which is more cost efficient for us while being better for the environment.

What do you like about the South Loop?
Our favorite thing about the neighborhood is convenience. We love being close to everything: parks, beaches, museums, the Loop, our jobs, good restaurants, buses, trains, and of course Soldier Field!

What were your deciding factors in buying at 1345 Wabash?
We decided together that we wanted to stay in the neighborhood long term, so it’s the perfect time for us to buy. We have been looking for a residence for a few months but were unable to find a suitable condo – nothing that we liked, within our price range and in the neighborhood we wanted to be. Nothing until we discovered 1345 Wabash.

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