A death sentence for taggers?

Uh, you might want to move your spray paint to your trunk, and put a newspaper over it, before you park your car in West Walker, a part of the city that’s known to the rest of us as Irving Park.

One of West Walker’s citizens opines as follows:

The graffiti however has been terrible: all up and down Irv Pk Rd and Elston Ave – just everywhere. It seems funny that a tagger will climb up onto a billboard that is three stories in the air just to display their stupid logos. And no one ever sees them (?) I don’t get it. Maybe I’m a ranting neighbor too but it seems the law is too soft on these criminals. I don’t want to house them in prison and make them better criminals, I want to get rid of them for good. (if you can reads between the lines). No three strikes, no second chances.

Urban survival bonus tip: A newspaper is good cover for almost anything you don’t want disturbed in your car. In our experience, hardly anyone will pick up the newspaper, even to see what’s under it.

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