A drive through Bridgeport Heights

Bridgeport is a place where newcomers come and go, and old-timers stay and stay. And stay. And know their begats.

This afternoon Joe Askins and I took a new construction tour of Bridgeport with two great guides. Dave Samber, a friend of more than 30 years, is the proprietor of Bridgeport’s Polo Café & Catering and a nearly 25-year resident of Bridgeport. Dave’s Shark Veracruz recently won a Best of Taste of Chicago award. Our second guide, Donna Murray of Gordon Realty, was born and raised in Bridgeport and “never left.”

In this first part of our tour Dave and Donna show us around the eastern stretch of Bridgeport that the locals fondly call “Bridgeport Heights,” and introduce us to a bit of the culture of Bridgeport.

We’ll be posting more of our tour as the week progresses.

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