A Gold Coast girl’s memories of Lake Shore Drive

While we were shooting a video tour of 67 East Bellevue this morning I asked Meladee Hughes what the Gold Coast was like when she was growing up there decades (I didn’t ask how many) ago.

Meladee walked me over to 1000 Lake Shore Drive and into the lobby, where there is a large framed photograph of a now-vanished Gold Coast along Lake Shore Drive. As we gazed at the photo, Meladee reminisced about her days as a boarding student at the University School for Girls, which was in a former mansion at 1106 N Lake Shore Dr.

“When we were 6 and 7 years old we were able to ride the bus by ourselves. We could go to the movies. It was a different world … which I miss.”

Join us for a look at the days before Lake Shore Drive was a wall of high-rises.

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