A hard-hat tour of 235 Van Buren (Part 2)

Fans of architecture and new construction have kept an eye on CMK Companies’ 235 Van Buren from afar, but few have been able to get a look at the Ralph Johnson/Perkins & Will-designed tower up close. In March 2009, Joe Zekas, Joe Askins and Michael Kardas of YoChicago.com and NewHomeNotebook.com met Scott Hoskins of CMK Realty and Jason Etheridge of Bovis Lend Lease and got a first-hand glimpse of the construction site — 40 stories in the air.

Construction crews are pouring a new floor at 235 Van Buren every four days, meaning the 47-story building should top out sometime in April 2009. First deliveries at the building will begin in May, Hoskins says.

In this video, Joe Askins captures some views from the 40th floor of 235 Van Buren, which crews were still in the process of pouring.

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