A real estate photography classic

The corner

You’re looking at what is, arguably, one of the better of the five photographs accompanying a listing that came on the market two months ago in the $320s and recently dropped in price to the $260s.

The listing description informs us that the condo is a “must see” and that it “won’t last.”

An in-house tipster alerted me to this property based on the price drop and the location. We won’t feature it on Yo because we know that the typical home buyer takes a quick and likely irrevocable pass on any listing that lacks good images. And because I see far too many images exactly like this one in the course of my day.

VHT and other companies provide excellent real estate photography at shockingly low prices – a tiny fraction of the commission the seller will pay on this condo if it ever sells.

Good photos are an essential minimum part of any real estate marketing program today. At YoChicago we believe that the future of real estate marketing is video, and that video will eventually become a “must see” for home buyers and sellers.

You can see nearly 2,000 YoChicago videos at our primary YouTube channel and easily search all of our videos at YoChicago.

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