A real estate snow story from 30 years ago

I signed a contract to sell my home, which you can see in the above video (part 1 here), the first night of the storm that paralyzed Chicago in January of 1979.

The buyer’s agent called mid-afternoon to ask whether she could come to my home to present an offer. She arrived 4 or 5 hours later, from one of the western suburbs, having abandoned her car within a block of my home. My agent had no problem getting to the presentation, since she lived 4 doors south of me.

After a few minutes of pleasantries I signed a full-price offer, which included a 10% second mortgage note payable in one year. The buyer’s agent somehow found her way to a hotel in the city and spent the night there.

We’ll no doubt hear similar stories once the wreckage from this storm has been cleared.

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