A view of Lincoln Park’s five vanished hospitals

Forty years ago Lincoln Park was home to five hospitals, all of which are now shuttered. You can see all five sites in the above view, shot from the roof of Eugenie Terrace.

Roosevelt Hospital, at the corner of Sedgwick and Wisconsin, gave way to the 30 townhomes of Belgravia Terrace in the early 80s. Augustana Hospital, Dickens and Sedgwick, was replaced by the townhomes of The Pointe in the mid-90s.

Lincoln Park 2550, a new high-rise condominium, occupies the site of the former Columbus Hospital at 2520 N Lakeview. Webster Square, a mixed-use retail / rental / condominium development, is underway at Webster and Lincoln, where Grant Hospital, later known as Lincoln Park Hospital, once operated.

Last, but far from least, the fate of Children’s Memorial Hospital on Fullerton at Lincoln, is still being determined.

In their day the hospitals employed 1,000s of people and were strong institutional anchors that contributed to the survival and revival of Lincoln Park as a viable community.

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