Another way of looking at Emerald and Pure

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I didn’t include floor plans for the two-bedroom condos at Emerald and Pure in Wednesday’s comparison post, but I wanted to give readers a chance to inspect the layouts of these two West Loop homes for themselves.

The Emerald condo, at left, has an 11 x 15′-4″ master bedroom, a 13 x 10′-6″ second bedroom and a 13′-4″ x 21′-6″ living and dining space. All of these 1,250-square-foot condos are corner units on the towers’ western sides, meaning that living rooms will have views of the west and north or west and south.

Pure’s 917-square-foot units, located on the building’s southwest corner, have 11 x 14′-4″ master bedrooms and 12′-6″ x 8′-8″ second bedrooms. The living / dining area measures 14′-7″ x 17′-8″; like many of Emerald’s residents, buyers here will have to live with views to the west and south.

Both homes have open kitchens with islands, bathrooms and walk-in closets accessible directly from the master bedroom, and recessed balconies that lack unobstructed views to the east.

As I mentioned earlier, Emerald’s higher prices reflect its larger units (prices range from the $380s to $460s), but the price per square foot for these two-bedroom condos is lower than at Pure, where two-bedroom homes sell from the $360s to $400s.

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