BlockWalks, 2300 North Cleveland in Lincoln Park

With this video we’re launching a new feature: BlockWalks, a simple video tour of a single Chicago or suburban block.

For many Chicagoans the block they live on is their neighborhood, and it’s often a very special place to them.

What makes a block special, a place where “enchantment soars out of every door?” It might be architecture, location, trees, neighbors, history, the corner bodega, or the “mystic chords of memory,” “coaxed and caressed by the smiles of yesterday.”

Today’s BlockWalks focuses on the 2300 block of North Cleveland Ave, an almost pristine piece of Chicago’s history in a fabulous location.

We’re also inviting YouTubers to do their own block walk and share a link with us. If it’s non-commercial and focuses on a city or suburban block, we’ll add it to our new channel.

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