Build your own home on Lake Shore Drive

Lake Shore Estates, 3022 N Lake Shore Dr, ChicagoYou rarely see new single-family homes spring up along Lake Shore Drive, that’s what someone has in mind in Lake View.

In September Emily Sachs Wong of Koenig & Strey posted a sample listing for Lake Shore Estates, an “exclusive enclave” of lots zoned for single-family homes, located near the corner of Lake Shore and Wellington. (The address for Wong’s lone listing is 3022 N Lake Shore Dr.) For just under $4 million, a buyer can get a custom-built four-story limestone home and a three-car garage on a 28-foot lot.

Looking for something a little more established and a little less expensive? Immediately north at 3030 N Lake Shore Dr, Wong is marketing a condo in the old Meeker Mansion. The 2,964 square-foot, four-bedroom duplex is priced at $1.77 million. Mark Boyer devoted a full Curbed post to Wong’s Meeker Mansion listing last month.

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