Cheetah Gym clawing its way to Logan Square

A new location of Cheetah Gym could open at 2618 N Milwaukee Ave in the Logan Square Boulevards District by the end of the year.

David Wilshire, president of Cheetah Gym, attended a meeting of the Permit Review Committee last week to discuss changes to the building, formerly a furniture store. The committee reviews all proposed changes to buildings in landmark districts.

Wilshire hopes to add wind turbines and solar panels on the roof, larger windows and a new sign to the five-story masonry building. Wilshire added that he intends to seek LEED Certification, which measures sustainability in building.

“The main goal is to have this building generate as much power as it needs, which is an enormous goal and is unprecedented in some sense,” he says.

At the meeting, committee members suggested adding “Chicago-style windows,” which from what we gather are divided into three parts. Current plans call for upper-story windows divided in the center with a vertical mullion.

Wilshire says he wants to keep the design “as open as possible.”

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