Chicago rental services ramp up rookie recruiting

The naïve youngsters who joined Chicago rental services last year in pursuit of a decent living have almost all gone back to tending bar, dreaming of an acting career, or draining their parents’ retirement savings while they look for a real job. They quickly learned that the pay was slow and low, the ethical standards lower and the promised training non-existent.

To fill their depleted ranks, the rental services are trolling Craigslist’s help wanted ads for a new crop of novices gullible enough to believe that high school graduates with no experience can quickly begin earning a six-figure income.

Chicago rental services are also ramping up their hyper-repetitive apartment ads on Craigslist, hoping to confuse, frustrate or bait-and-switch rookie renters into contacting them.

Finding a great apartment in Chicago’s lakefront neighborhoods is easy if you use YoChicago’s lists and reviews. Using a “free” rental service” is more difficult, often more costly, prevents you from seeing some of Chicago’s best apartments, and is fraught with risk.

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