creator launches neighborhood news aggregator

Information junkies have been buzzing for the past few hours about EveryBlock, a new aggregator that creates news feeds for individual street blocks, neighborhoods and ZIP codes in Chicago, New York and San Francisco.

I subscribed to EveryBlock’s feed for the 1600 block of North Claremont Ave yesterday afternoon – so far it’s picked up a lot of blotter from the (newly sold) Lake View Booster, some Map Room reviews from Yelp and a couple of missed connections from Craigslist, but the site should be able to scrape info from civic databases, entries from local blogs and pictures from photo-sharing sites. (Has anyone found a Yo post on there yet?)

EveryBlock was designed by and Django creator Adrian Holovaty, who is probably most famous for living one floor above me during my freshman year at Mizzou. (FARC forever, Adrian!) Holovaty and his development team founded EveryBlock with a two-year grant from the Knight Foundation, according to the site.

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